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Posted 6th October by John Moloney
After Chris Mercer murdered 9 in  Umpqua Community College, Oregon, the media descended on his family and friends as they always do. This was no doubt hard to bear in the midst of their shock and grief, but Mercer’s father still managed some fellow feeling for his son’s victims:

“Our thoughts, our hearts and our prayers go out to all of the families of those who died or were injured.”

True, this is likely very little comfort to the families of the murdered, but it does at least recognise the victims’ humanity and suffering.  It is also the conventional response from a perpetrator’s family.

Now consider the family of the Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar the 15-year-old who murdered Curtis Cheng, father of two, in Parramatta, Australia a couple of days ago. As in the Oregon case the media descended on the family, but according to 7 News Sydney the Muslim schoolboy’s family and friends are “resentful of the attention now on them”.

Resentful? How could they be resentful? There are pictures all over the media of Farhad’s  victim and his family.

[Image: Curtis%2BCheng%2Band%2BFamily.jpg]

                                                                   Curtis Cheng (left) and family

There is also the affecting tribute from the victim’s son:

“My father was a kind, gentle, and loving person. He was humorous, generous of heart and always put the family first. He has set a tremendous example for us as a family.
We are deeply saddened and heartbroken that he has been taken from us, but we are truly grateful for the fruitful and happy life he has shared with us.”

But far from feeling any sympathy for the victims, the murderer’s family and friends felt resentful. I said above that the statement of the Oregon killer’s father was the conventional response, but it’s not the usual response from Muslim murderers’ families. True, we often hear that they are “shocked” and friends are “surprised” that such a “nice” young lad should do such a thing, but sympathy for the victims is generally in short supply. 
The reason for this is obvious. They feel no sympathy. Their son’s victims are infidels. One of the key differences between Islam and Christianity is that Muslims have a dual morality. Lying,  theft, rape and murder are all wrong in Islam just as in Christianity, but they are only wrong when done to another Muslim. When done to an infidel they can be laudable.

The slightly more media savvy chairman of the Parramatta Islamic Association, Neil El-Kadomi said he was “shocked” at the actions of the 15-year-old boy:

“We do not support anyone who does stupid things. I strongly condemn such actions.”

The media united in a collective sigh of relief at this response that can be touted as an official Muslim condemnation. But notice the utter lack of sympathy for the victim or his family and particularly the use of the word “stupid”. The only thing Neil is actually condemning is the tactical error of a green youth.

Most pathetic of all is the response of the Australian authorities. The police are keeping an “open mind” about the youth’s motives. I guess his dancing with joy and screaming “Allahu Akbar” after shooting Mr Cheng in the back of the head at point blank range was not explicit enough an expression of motive.

The government were even worse in the way we have come to expect from all western leaders:

“This is not a time to point fingers.” – NSW Premier Mike Baird

“We must not vilify or blame the entire Muslim community for the actions of what is in truth a very, very small percentage of violent extremist individuals.” – Malcolm Turnbull Prime Minister

Blah, blah… And,

“It’s the families that will be our frontline of defence against radicalised young people.” – Julie Bishop, Foreign Minister

Good luck with what you’re shovelling  Jules, but the family in this case is the problem not the solution. The day before the murder Farhad’s sister flew off Syria bound and another relative is “a bit of a problem, he did come to the attention of the police and counter-terrorism [authorities]” as a police source had it to ABC.

So the families of Muslim murderers resent media attention.

I resent that.

But that’s nothing to how I feel about the western governments and liberal media that feed the offensive expressions of victimhood from supremacist Muslims.
Posted 6th October by John Moloney



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