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All right-thinking people will no doubt welcome the news that the British government are to record the incidents of hate attacks on Muslims separately. This is due to the alarming increase in incidents of rude gestures, online abuse  and the inappropriate use of bacon rashers directed at our Muslim population. Over just the last year alone London has seen a 70% increase in such manifestations of hate against Islam.

But amidst the horror of a veiled women’s dress-sense being called into question by ignorant native British, it’s easy to forget that the scourge of Islamophobia is not confined to these shores. In fact if you discount the conflicts where Muslims have somehow been coaxed into fighting each other (and the Russia/Ukraine struggle) every other war on the planet is an assault on the religion of peace.

Here’s a brief outline of the dreadful global extent of Islamophobia:

First and foremost, thanks to the tireless efforts of the BBC, we are all aware of  the suffering of Palestinians under the Israeli jackboot. Quite how distressing it must be to be reminded on a daily basis of the utter inferiority of your culture compared to the progress and prosperity of modern Israel is easy to imagine. And viewed in that light it’s hardly surprising that the usually peace-loving Arabs should start stabbing random Jewish men, women and children in the streets by the dozen.

In the north Caucasus it’s the Russian steamroller that has crushed Islamic Chechnya. The Chechen jihadis rape and slaughter of schoolchildren by the hundred at Beslan gives you some idea just how brutal Putin’s assault on the Islamic republic must have been. Don’t imagine for one moment that they took the decision to commit the unspeakable mass murder of innocents lightly.
And over in Xinjiang it’s the godless Chinese that have somehow caught the Islamophobia bug. Obviously there is much more to the story than the regular reports of ethnic Uyghur Muslims running amok with meat cleavers chopping up their Han Chinese neighbours.
Further south in India it’s the Hindus who are oppressing their peace-loving Muslim neighbours in Kashmir. Once again news reports would suggest  that the Indians are merely responding to repeated indiscriminate attacks on Hindu civilians. But anyone who wisely confines their viewing to the more nuanced media outlets such as CNN or the BBC will know that such a view is simplistic to say the least.
And who would have thought it of the Buddhists? They have such a reputation for being wise and inoffensive, but there they are in Thailand slaughtering Mohammedans like it’s going out of fashion, which it most plainly is not.

And what about those Catholic Filipinos. All smiles and cringing they are as guest workers abroad, but back home in Mindanao they are butchering their fellow citizens for no other reason seemingly than their attachment to the religion of peace.

And the Protestants are no better. In Nigeria, I’m reliably informed, it was only under the most extreme provocation that Muslim insurgents Boko Haram (translation: education is forbidden) joined Al Qaeda and resorted to slitting infidel throats and enslaving schoolgirls.

And as for those Christian villagers across the Middle East, traitors every one of them. As every right-thinking commentator has noted, the tolerant Muslim majorities in their countries absolutely loved them to death before the Christians turned on them. Quite frankly they got off lightly with losing everything they owned when they were expelled from their ancient lands. An injustice that has been partially rectified by ISIS who have been taking their lives as well.

And then there is Afghanistan where the peaceful mountain tribesmen would long ago have cornered the world market for rocks if it wasn’t for Bush’s criminal invasion in 2001. Thankfully America’s intervention has now largely run its course and there are hopes that once the crusaders have departed that the noble Pashtun warrior will be able to return to his regular peacetime pursuits of cultivating heroin and personally attending to the sex education of little boys.

So there you have it. Islamophobia is a worldwide phenomenon. The very fact that these multitudinous nations and religions are all fighting Muslims and nobody else is proof positive that they must be motivated by Islamophobia. Isn’t it? Could there be any other explanation? Indeed, what other reason could there be for non-Muslims to be exclusively warring against Muslims?
The only other alternative that I can see is that far from being the victims of an unlikely worldwide Islamophobia, it is in fact Muslims who hate everyone else. That Islam is a supremacist religion. That it divides the world into Muslim and infidel halves. And that it is waging a permanent war against the holders of every other belief system in the world.

In support of this seemingly fantastic contention are two simple realities of the modern world:

The first is the universally gruesome way in which Muslims fight non-Muslims. Nothing else reveals so plainly their hate for the rest of us. In this their likeness to the Nazis is unmistakable. And the reason why Muslims make war just like Nazis is that just like Nazis they are also supremacists and supremacist ideologies breed evil sadistic murderers as the sun breeds maggots in a dead dog.

Second is the amazing fact that without Islam we would now be living in a world almost without war. The impossible dream of world peace would actually be within reach if it were not for the existence of Islam. Human progress has made the resort to war almost unthinkable to everybody but Muslims. That’s why just about every war today is either between Muslims or waged by Muslims on the rest of the world. Curious that we never hear about this from the one-world types at the BBC or CNN.

Instead we live on a planet where Muslim world is delineated by an ever bleeding boundary that is forever expanding. And that boundary is no longer far away in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Thanks to the insane immigration policy of western governments it now runs right through our major cities.

Islamophobia is a reality. Everybody hates Islam (or they would if they had any sense). Everybody hates Islam just the same as everybody hates Nazism. And for precisely the same reason.

They hate us. All of us.



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