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Mexico: 100 Years in Jail for Forced Disappearances
The Mexican government is in the process of drafting a new bill that would specifically address the crime of forced disappearances.
A new bill, drafted by Mexican authorities, together with human rights groups, victims and experts, could impose up to 100 years in jail for the crime of forced disappearance, according to the Mexican newspaper La Jornada.

People who collaborate in the crime could face prison sentences from 40 to 90 years, depending on the case.

The proposed law would also create a specialized unit for disappearances and a unified database to keep track of the number of disappeared people throughout the country.

According to the draft bill, there would be no statute of limitations for the crime of forced disappearance, and state officials could be sanctioned for attempting to block investigations.

It also bans officials suspected of links to the case from participating in the investigations.

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The Mexican government has been widely criticized by international organizations and human rights groups for not having a legal framework to deal with forced disappearances as a crime.

Official records of Mexico's Attorney General's Office show that over 25,000 people were disappeared in the country over the last eight years. Human rights organizations claim the figure is higher.

The bill comes over a year after the disappearance of 43 students in Ayotzinapa caused outrage and international concern.

A group of experts from the Inter-American Human Rights Commission (IAHCR), which is investigating the Ayoztinapa case, also helped to draft the bill.

The law is currently on its last revision before being presented to Congress.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
This is a smokescreen from Enrique Peña. 
A conviction requires an arrest and  prosecution and that rarely happens.


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