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From another message board - Cactus Car Rental problems
Dacougr32 Wrote:Dec 13, 2014, 7:05 PM
I recently rented a car from Cactus based on the TA reviews for a 2 week trip to Cabo.

The car I got was an older VM Jetta with high millage and the brakes didn't work well and we had problems keeping the car running at times. To make things worse we had a front tire blow out on the highway and the folks at Cactus insisted we pay $400 for a new tire when we returned the car saying the mandatory Mexican insurance didn't cover a blown tire. After a fairly heated exchange I ended up paying $150 for a new tire. These tires an the cars are cheap and still not close to being $150 each....

When we first arrived and got the car a gentleman came out and gave us maps of Cabo which was great except he turned out to be a timeshare SHARK and gave us the high pressure sales pitch to take a 2hr presentation tour in exchange for free golf and cash.....We were tired from our flight finally the guy gave up on us but was a big hassle. Not sure why the Cactus folks would allow this and when I complained they didn't seem to care much.

Also beware the timeshare sharks are even in Wallmart and Mega looking for victims...

Bottom line is unless Cactus can get better cars with better tires.......I am not a fan and may try Alamo next time. I dealt with Antonio who seemed like a good guy until he wanted to charge us $400 for a $60 dollar tire.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.
Cactus used to be one of the best places to rent a car from in Cabo. Looks like they have changed their game. 
I have used Dominic for car rentals there for the last ten years ( and he is the best. 
Cactus Car Rental responds:

antoniomiranda Wrote:Dec 16, 2014, 3:34 PM
Hi Dacougr, you are free to do your opinion but please be aware of whats included when you only use THIRD PARTY LIABILITY on a Rented Car, we have been doing Honest Bussines for 18 years, I never mention 400 and yes i said 200 and you desagre to paid, the tire was new not old, then you agree to pay 150 usd wich is normal in Mexico, of course we know is cheaper to buy a Tire in USA. Our Fleet on VW is 2013, and nowadays 2015.

In regards of the Promotional Discounts offered at our office, is a service that you are free to decline as well as our Collision Coverage, meaning saying YES or NOT.

We understand now the Power of a bad review, too bad is full of missinformation and even Lies, Because I do remember you mention your Ownership of Tripadvisor, and your treat to get out of paying for the Damage caused by you to our vehicule.

Our company is been providing quality service to customers of all races, religions and Countries, and we gladly expect to keep doing the same for several years. Sincerely with nothing to hide... Antonio Miranda,
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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