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Killer of Border Patrol Agent Gets Life Sentence
Jesus Navarro-Montes' will serve life in prison for the death of Border Patrol agent Luis Aguilar. Navarro-Montes was driving a Hummer and hit and killed Aguilar, who was laying down a spike-strip to stop the Hummer in January 2008 at the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area.

Authorities say the Border Patrol was chasing Navarro's marijuana-filled Hummer and the agent was killed as he lay down a spike strip to stop him. Navarro fled to Mexico and was extradited in January 2010. A Border Patrol Agent who testified at the sentencing hearing said Navarro-Montes sped up and purposely hit Aguilar and fled the scene,

But in his statement to the judge, Navarro-Montes said his human rights are being violated and he will appeal his conviction and sentence.

Link to article.

[Image: 6a00d8341c630a53ef0111685de.jpg]
Hasta la vista, Chuy.

Running over someone with a Hummer .. and his "human rights" ruffled.... WOW.. best of luck ... to bad he can't serve it in Tadmor Military Prison, Syria
Suicide Hot line, Pete here, please hold
I hope and pray that someone kills this mother fucker! (Can I say mother fucker in here?)
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