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How crazy is the internet?
I just took a quick look at a real-time report my software gives my on internet spam bots. Fulano runs a software the prevents most anonymous spam bots from registering and spamming the forum. What the software does is put up multiple obstacles. First it checks on any IP address which tries to register against a known database of spamming IP addresses. It also has a timing function. Since most span bots are a script, they would be able to complete the registration process much faster than a real human being could type in the data. So the blocking software prevents anyone from registering if it takes less than about 15 seconds to sign up.

At 9PM tonight, there were 49 spam bots trying to register on the Fulano Forum at the same time. Almost all are from China, Russia, Pakistan, and India.
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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