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Tijuana citizens taking justice into their own hands
TIJUANA, Baja California (GH)- The scarce response of authorities to the growing crime rate in Tijuana has begun to take its toll among citizens, who have begun to demonstrate their frustration by taking justice into their own hands.

Between January and November of 2017, crime rates in the city skyrocketed compared to the same period of 2016. During this period, the number of violent vehicle thefts increased by 350%, from 243 in 2016 to 1,106 in 2017. In the category of violent robbery, the increase was 58% with 3,714 in 2016, against 5,866 in 2017, 2,152 cases more than last year.

Lack of action
Citizens feel injured by the lack of action by police, which is why they take justice into their own handsity, said Juan Manuel Hernández Niebla, president of the Citizen Council of Public Safety of Baja California (CCSP).

"We need to rely on the rule of law, we need to rely on enforcing laws and we are working shoulder to shoulder with the police to increase police presence," he said.

The "lynchings" are acts that should be avoided at all costs, he said, it is better to draw closer to citizens' committees to really have a platform to deal with these cases.

He added that history has taught them that violence generates more violence, so they should rely on the laws, encourage filing complaints and organize to be a partner with the police.

Reporting to the Police
Marco Antonio Sotomayor Amezcua, police chief of Tijuana, acknowledged that despite the obvious frustration the people have due to the rise in robberies, the police to immediately report the incident and not put yourself at risk.

"The recommendation is that we do not risk it, it is difficult for a victim to know when it is safe (to confront an offender), it is not known if he is armed or not, the recommendation is always going to be that there sshould be no physical intervention," he said. .

However, he acknowledged that there have been occasions in which citizens have arrested criminals, but that these have been when there was a numerical superiority of neighbors against the offender and when the latter is not armed.

When a delinquent is confronted, not only do they run the risk of being injured, but those involved could face criminal risks for excessive violence.
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