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Sunshine demands the resignation of the Secretary of the Environment
[Image: 1776664-N.JPG]

MEXICALI, Baja California - After being freed without charges for drug crimes made against him, Sunshine Antonio Rodríguez Peña asked for the resignation of the Secretary of the Environment, Rafael Pacchiano Alamán.

"The Federation of Coastal Cooperative in San Felipe will not negotiate with liars. Resign Mr. Secretary because we will not negotiate anything with you," said fishermen's leader during a live message to his followers on the social networks.

Rodriguez Peña blames the federal official for his unjustified arrest, and said that while he was under arrest, he was pressured to admit his responsibilities for the crimes he was charged with.

"That is why they put my wife in prison...what really happened was something shameful for the police institutions, but the truth came out."

He thanked the work of his group of attorneys and the federal judge who set him free, both him and his wife, Sara Ahumada. "Thanks to them, they could not charge me with the crime, it was shown the police report was false, there were false statements from the police and the Public Minister."

"For the first time, I can say that the National Justice System did its job."
Más vale pocos pelos, pero bien peinados.


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