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Who has more readers? - Fulano - 07-25-2013

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RE: Who has more readers? - Dindosit - 07-25-2013

It's probably many of the same one's, which is fine, but the fact Doug forced them to come here for real Baja information, priceless.

RE: Who has more readers? - Fulano - 07-26-2013

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How's that business plan working out Douggie? When are you going to take it on the road?

RE: Who has more readers? - Fulano - 07-30-2013

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It's all about CONTENT, Douggie.

RE: Who has more readers? - Timador - 07-30-2013

When is Doug's next meetup?

RE: Who has more readers? - Fulano - 07-31-2013

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RE: Who has more readers? - Fulano - 08-11-2013

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RE: Who has more readers? - Fulano - 08-17-2013

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The funny thing is, Doug continues to advertise BajaNomad as the most widely read internet site on Baja California.

RE: Who has more readers? - Woooosh - 08-17-2013

I think you are getting more Mexican viewers. Not only is BajaNoMas the one-stop shop for translated news for expats- you also show the original Spanish language content. You are like the Drudge Report of Baja- compiling stories aligned with your views. Why wouldn't they read BajaNoMas?

The problem is the "iterative journalism" tactic the people who call this a "HATE SITE" use. JoeJustJoe is the poster child. They yell a lie loud enough and often enough that people believe it. Studies shows any on-line defense to those lies actually re-inforces the readers first opinion of the lie. Better not to respond and hope peole look aat the content. There is no hate posted on BajaNoMas. Simply not true. That's why your readership is increasing. You have readership momentum (and are making money) because those people call it a "Hate Site"; but they come back again but readers come back for the news and commentary they can't find in one place anywhere else.

btw: You think Mexicans are happy with the current state of Rosarito Beach, Baja and Mexico?

Maybe someday you can change the name to BajaNoMal...

RE: Who has more readers? - Fulano - 08-18-2013

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