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Driving an unlicensed hearse?? - Fulano - 12-31-2017

[Image: Manejaban-auto-robado-cadaver.jpg&w=500]

Alexis Giovanni “N”, 19 years old, Jesús Alfredo “N”, 40, and Roberto Carlos “N”, 26, were arrested on bulevar Agua Caliente while driving in a stolen vehicle with a dead body in it.

This happened when police on patrol intercepted two automobiles, a SUV and and minivan which made a turn in a prohibited area, so they were ordered to stop.

Both drivers tried to bribe the police to let them go, but the police refused and searched to cars.

They found a body with visible signs of violence in the rear seat of the SUV and tied to a stretcher.

RE: Driving an unlicensed hearse?? - Timador - 12-31-2017

At least the car is black.