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Full Version: Sunshine Rodríguez throws Pat Butler under the bus
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Pat Butler is seeking sport fishing permits to catch totoaba: Sunshine Rodríguez Peña

After saying in a press conference that the process by the federal Attorney General against Sunshine Rodríguez Peña was overcome by his defense attorneys, the fishing sector leader said that foreign businessmen, like Pat Butler from El Dorado Ranch, are seeking sport fishing permits for totoaba.

Rodríguez Peña maintained that the charges against him by the federal prosecutor for possession of drugs, for which he was arrested and taken to the center of Mexico along with his family, were proven false by this defense lawyers, who presented more than 16 videos which showed his innocence, and his arrest was motivated by foreign business interests who see him as an opposition voice to the eviction they want to foist on the San Felipe fishermen.

He said that a sense of desperation is prevalent in the fishing sector, as heads of families have nothing to feed their children and pay for housing expenses. So, some of them have chosen to fish illegally.

Faced with this situation and the maneuvers by San Felipe businessmen, there could be a social explosion, he warned.

He maintained that he has videos where the owner of El Dorado Ranch, Pay Butler, asked the Secretary of Tourism about taking action to legalize sport fishing for totoaba, instead of development plans for the sector.

He said this interest arises because there is a market of 10 million people who enjoy sport fishing in the United States and fishing for totaba would be a prefect business. Additionally, this sport is for high income people due to the costs to practice it.

He said that environmental organizations are trying to close all activities int he Upper Gulf of California, and continue with the threat of declare a commercial ban of all fish from Mexico, and the Mexican government has no idea how to defend its national interests.

He said the attempts to put him in prison are because he is a voice in defense of the fishermen, and against the interests of Mexicans and foreigners who oppose the fishing communities in the Sea of Cortez.