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Full Version: Gringa with arrest warrant for elder abuse apprehended in Ensenada
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The International Liaison Unit of the Municipal Police located an American woman with an arrest warrant.

Police chief, Jorge Íñiguez Díaz, reported that at 11:10 pm on December 30, police in the downtown station were informed that a public transportation driver was there, apparently carrying a woman with an aggressive behavior.

He said that the driver informed them that after boarding his vehicle, the woman could not answer where she was going, she said that she did not remember where she lived and took on an aggressive attitude, so she decided to take her to the police station.

"The agents transferred the woman to the Central Station for medical certification and presentation before the magistrate, it was there when the Liaison Unit corroborated that the woman, named Diana" N ", 37, had an active arrest warrant dated 09/29/2017 in Orange County, California for elder abuse," said the chief.

The magistrate remanded Diana "N" at the disposal of the National Immigration Institute for her subsequent delivery to the corresponding authorities in the US.