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Full Version: Two police shot, one dies
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[Image: matan-policia-lesionan-01-07-dic-2017.jpg&w=500]

TECATE, BC December 7, 2017 - Two police officers, identified as Odin Garcés and Francisco Frajío Lino, were attacked today around 6AM on the Tecate-Mexicali highway, at kilometer 127, in colonia Andalucia, by three individuals carrying rifles.

The events occurred when the police tried to pull over the vehicle and when they started searching it, they were shot. The first police officer died from a bullet to the face, and the second was wounded in the leg. One of the attackers was also wounded.

At the location were found two .223 caliber rifles, 6 9mm bullet casings, and 12 .223 bullet casings. The attackers were wearing black clothing and fled in a black Nissan Maxima, with license plates 7WSS862.