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Full Version: 9-mile long line of cars leaving San Felipe
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MEXICALI, Baja California - There were lines 9 miles long exiting San Felipe for Mexicali.

It took cars 90 to 120 minutes to pass the military check-point. The check-point had 6 lanes open and inspected 16 cars at a time.

Hundreds of drivers went into the opposing traffic lane to cut ahead, running the risk of a crash into southbound vehicles.

Other opted to drive down the dirt beside the highway, and then cutting back into the asphalt highway.

All long the highway could be seen Mexican highway culture, with dozens of drivers driving while drinking alcoholic beverages and tossing the beer bottles beside the road.
I've been there done that. It will give you a great feeling of what war is like, with out the brotherly love. And the line was more like 4 to 5 hours in days gone by.
I keep repeating, that it is the total lack of culture that produces this kind of behavior.