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Full Version: Students lose phones to ‘student teacher’
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When a student teacher in Puebla offered to optimize students’ cell phones to help them with their school work, about 60 readily agreed and handed over their phones.

But unfortunately for the students they never got them back: it turned out that the man wasn’t a student teacher after all.

It was last Friday that a man identified only as Edgar turned up in a classroom at a secondary school in the city of Puebla, having passed himself off as a teacher in training.

He told students he could install a useful application on their phones. With 60 phones in his possession he excused himself and left the classroom. He hasn’t been seen since.

This week, parents expressed the worry that the thief could access students’ photos and personal information to commit other criminal acts. Some are also suspicious that the school’s principal was an accomplice in the theft.

Some have threatened to lay a criminal complaint against the principal if the school cannot guarantee safe conditions for students, and if it does not replace the stolen phones.

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