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Full Version: Three Americans and a Mexican rescued from sinking boat off Cedros Island
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The Mexican Navy reported yesterday that personnel from the Search and Rescue and Maritime Vigilance Naval Station in Ensenada, carried out a medical evacuation of a crew member on the Maximus, which sank south of Punta San Pablo, Baja California Sur.

The events happened last Friday, when the boat Maximus sank 42 nautical miles southeast of Cedros Island, with three Americans and one Mexican aboard. They were evacuated with the support of the American tow boat Sharon Dann, and an interceptor patrol boat from the Mexican Navy.

The three American crew members were taken to San Diego, California by the tow boat, meanwhile the Mexican was taken in a Defender class boat to Ensenada for medical evaluation. He later left by his own means.
Is this like a bus accident and the Captain is still swimming for it?