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Full Version: Extortionists nabbed, saved from lynching
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It wasn’t enough that a couple of extortionists were arrested by police in San Martín Tepetlixpan in Mexico City this morning. Neighbors felt they ought to be lynched.

Investigative police had been lying in wait for the two after a freight company, fed up after two other extortion incidents involving the same people, along with the latest demand which had been upped to nearly 14,000 pesos, called authorities.

When the thieves showed up and collected the payment, they were promptly arrested by police.

But the sounding of an alarm brought out some 150 neighbors intent on delivering punishment themselves. Their targets were rescued when municipal police and soldiers were summoned to the aid of the investigative police, whose numbers were too small to hold off the horde.

One of the delinquents turned out to be a police officer himself.

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