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Full Version: Rosarito police stop a woman from being robbed at an ATM
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ROSARITO, Baja California - Municipal police officers in Rosarito stopped a robbery at an ATM.

A 56 year old woman from Long Beach, California, who made the error of allowing someone she did not know to carry out a bank transaction inside the ATM booth.

She told the police how she had heard about these crimes, but accepted the help of a stranger, confident that nothing bad would happen. However, the unknown person, using tricks changed her card for another that was not the correct one.

Central command send help to the victim and the police arrived moments later and started the protocols to report the crime with a complaint, while they also searched for the suspect in the area, and suggested she contact the bank to cancel the plastic and stop any kind of transaction to steal her money.

The woman said that the suspect was a thin man, between 20 and 25 years old, wearing a blue sweater with the insignia "Califanes," and blue jeans. He was not found.

This was reported to the municipal judge, taking down only information on the victim, as the victim decided to not file a formal complaint for the theft of her bank card with the Public Minister.