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Full Version: Study reveals which are the most ignorant countries
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London - A poll by the British pollster Ipsos MORI, has determined which countries have inhabitants with the most erroneous ideas of reality.

Mexico leads the world in matters of erroneous perceptions.

The report titled "The Dangers of Perception," which was carried out in 33 countries, tries to understand the level of knowledge, among other things, of the citizens of a country about how much wealth belongs to the top 1%, the seriousness of the obesity problem, how much immigration exists, and what is the median age of internet use in the country.

After interviewing more than 1,500 persons, the consulting firm compared the responses with the real data to create its "Ignorance Index."

Öf the 33 countries in the study, the population is very incorrect," said Bobby Duffy, general director of the Ipsos MORI Institute for Social Investigation, which finds that they "overestimate" the "concerns," reported the web portal Quartz.

One of the most common errors is linked to wealth, as globally it is believed that the top 1% owns 59% of the wealth, when in reality that figure is only 23%.

Regarding immigration, the average estimate is that 23% of the population of their country are immigrants, when the real figure does not exceed 10%. Meanwhile, regarding age, the median age perceived by society is 50 years, when in reality it is only 37 years.

After comparing all the data, Ipsos MORI gave the "honors" and put Mexico first on the Ignorance Index. Second place is India. Four other Latin American countries are in the top 10 (Brasil, Peru, Colombia, and Argentina.) On the other extreme, the best perception of reality is in South Korea.