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Full Version: High tides removing sand from Rosarito beaches
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[Image: MAREA1498.jpg]

During the start of this week was the "footprint" all along the central beach of the King Tide, with a good part of the sand "stained black," but according to the lifeguards with the Fire Department, this does not represent any risk for those who use the beach.

They explained that the "black" does not mean there was a previous fuel spill from the oil ships which discharge their loads for the PEMEX plant in the city, "because we have no reports on that."

"What happens is due to the high tides we have had for the past week, the water has removed the sand and this is a natural cycle of the Pacific Ocean, and not unusual when the ocean currents change with the climate, as it does each November," added the lifeguards.
You buying that excuse? Me neither.
The black sand is sewage sludge.