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Full Version: Another reason why mtgoat666 is known to be Tom Meixner
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How many people on this planet do groundwater studies using MODLFOW?

[Image: 1o37n9.png]
Hey knew a guy that did his Phd. on the "mouth parts of blow fly lava" ... a real ice breaker at a party ...
Goat is a asshat. He should be getting the shoulder tap and the memo at school soon enough.

Hey Tom..Tell them you have a split personality and its the "bad" professor that posts online....
He is part of the Three Gay Caballeros, how long till he comes out of the closet?
Well, I think Fulano is off the Goat's Christmas list.

[Image: 16h1z7o.png]
Gee whiz Fu, if thats all it took to get his goat so to speak, should have done it months ago.

3 months of cleaning the chalkboards for the poor little professor...Should maybe use the time off to see a dermatologist for that stubborn acne he is having trouble with.

HAHAHA, nailed it didn't ya. Why is Doug trying to hide his identity? Hmmmmm.