Ensenada businessmen ask Mexican immigration to act against the Central American caravan members

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Vigia.net

The Ensenada business sector asked those in authority at the National Immigration Institute to address the issue of the Central American migrants in Tijuana whose presence is now causing economic damages in the state.

Jorge Cortés Ríos, president of the Business Coordination Council of Ensenada, said that the problems generated by strengthening the searches at the border crossings, due to the presence of the migrants is affecting commercial and tourist activities in the entire region.

The National Immigration Institute must promote their repatriation when it is seen they cannot achieve their objective of entering the United States, said Cortés Ríos.

They are also worried these migrant groups will end up being moved to other cities in the state, possibly Ensenada, where municipal authorities lack the capacity to attend to them.

Many tourists have stopped coming to Ensenada out of fear of an incident at the border crossing when they return.


Gangsters shoot, wound a 6-year old girl and her grandmother for not paying extortion

Translated by Fulano from an article in Frontera.info.

MEXICO CITY, A 53-year old woman and her 6-year old granddaughter were wounded by gunfire after neighbors in colonia Abraham González, in the Álvarod Obregón district chased them and beat two extortioners with rocks and sticks. They had come to demand extortion money from a dairy store in the district.

The incident happened last Saturday, when two armed men came to beat up the business owners in the story on avenida Roque Velasco, at the corner with calle Romanso. Customers saw the extortion taking place and they started to struggle with with criminals, trying to stop them from taking the 2,000 pesos per week they demanded from the owners to not damage their business.

The extortioners said they were a part of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, and told everybody from that day forward, every business, no matter how small, had to pay a monthly fee or they would be attacked.

50 or so neighbors responded to the calls for help, the organized and blocked the criminals inside the dairy store. They called for police who took some time to arrive. The criminals tried to escape and the residents started beating them. As the criminals fled, the started shooting and hit the grandmother and her granddaughter.


No Soy Monedita de Oro

Nací norteño hasta el tope,
me gusta decir verdades,
soy piedra que no se alisa
por más que talles y talles,

soy terco como una mula
¿a dónde vas que no te halle?

En tu casa no me quieren
porque me vivo cantando,
me dicen que soy mariachi
y que no tengo pa’ cuándo

comprarte el traje de fiesta,
que el tiempo te estoy quitando.

No soy monedita de oro
pa’ caerle bien a todos;
así nací y así soy,
si no me quieren, ni modo.

El cielo tengo por techo,
nomás el sol por cobija,
dos brazos pa’ mantenerme,
un corazón pa’ tu vida;

ve, corre y dile a tus padres,
a ver quién da más por su hija.

Ay, corazón bandolero,
relincha ya cuanto quieras,
por esa potranca fina
que amansarás cuando quieras;

tú y yo no tenemos prisa,
ai, nos “quedrá” cuando quiera.

No soy monedita de oro
pa’ caerle bien a todos;
así nací y así soy,
si no me quieren, ni modo.

[Fulano’s translation]
I’m Not a Little Gold Coin

I was born a Northerner up by the border,
I like to speak bluntly,
I’m a rock you can’t polish,
no matter how hard you rub me.

I’m as stubborn as a mule.
where can you go where I won’t find you?

Your family doesn’t want me in your home,
because singing is my profession.
They tell me I’m a mariachi,
and have no money

Buy the party dress,
I’m wasting your time.

I’m not a little gold coin,
which everybody loves.
That’s the way I was born, that’s the way I am,
if they don’t like me, so what.

The sky is my roof,
I have only the sun for a blanket,
two arms so I can support you
one heart for your life.

Go, run, and tell your parents,
to see who would give more for their daughter.

Oh, bandit heart,
winny as long as you want
for that fine, young mare,
which you’ll tame whenever you want;

You and I are in no hurry,
We’ll want each other when we do.

I’m not a little gold coin,
which everybody loves.
That’s the way I was born, that’s the way I am,
if they don’t like me, so what.


Finishing touches on 350 peso foreign tourist tax in Baja California Sur

Translated by Fulano from an article in VizcainoHoy.com.

After the hotel operators in Los Cabos refused to collect the 350 peso tax on foreign tourists approved by congress in 2017, saying that this tax “would make Los Cabos lose competitiveness”, the state government is about to sign an agreement with Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico and Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares, to collect it at air terminals when the tourist departs.

Governor Carlos Mendoza announced that this tax will be included in the proposed 2019 fiscal package that will be sent shortly to the state congress and trusted that the deputies will have the common sense to support this measure, addressing “the imperative need” of the state to get financial resources. The incoming undersecretary of revenues for the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that there will no longer be extraordinary financial resources for the states, and that local governments will have to “scratch it up with their own nails”.

Mendoza Davis stressed the importance of increasing tax collections to address such elementary items such as health and education, which could not be met without additional income.

On the causes that led to the refusal of the Los Cabos hotel operators to collect this tax in their hotels, the governor said that according to them their customers could not distinguish between what was the cost of the lodging and the tax; they have their arguments, he noted.


Man involved in kidnappings in Mexico deported by the US to Tijuana

Translated by Fulano from an article in Frontera.info.

TIJUANA, Baja California, October 16, 2018 – Felipe Pérez Landa, nicknamed “El Sureño,” and believed to be a member to a kidnapping band “Los Rojos,” was turned over to the federal Attorney General yesterday afternoon.

“El Sureño was arrested Sunday as he drive on Interstate 8 in San Diego County after leaving a bull riding event.

The presumed kidnapper was deported today at the El Chaparral border crossing, after living illegally in the United States.

He is also implicated in the disappearance of the Ayotzinapa 43


Baja 1000 suspended and Score International fined US$27,000

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Vigia.

Score International was fined more than 500,000 pesos and as a precautionary measure, to guarantee payment, there is a temporary suspension of the Score Baja 1000 race.

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency levied the sanction because in the last offroad race the course went through protected areas of the Valle de los Cirios.

Among the damages caused was the destruction of lophocereus schottii cacti, which are a protected species.


A health crisis looms over Los Cabos

Translated by Fulano from an article in Peninsular Digital.

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.- A health crisis looms over Los Cabos, where raw sewage runs permanently through the streets and flies ravage the neighborhoods, a situation that must be added to the potholes that make fluid transit through the main roads impossible.

In view of the ills already described above, organized civil society and businessmen from the downtown Cabo San Lucas will carry out a cleaning campaign on October 13 at 7AM in the morning, inviting the entire population to join in this activity, which seeks to alleviate the situation that exists here.

“The campaign will be with manual sweeping, washing streets and disinfection, as well as what is necessary to meet the tourist influx season in the best way and with the best attitude” said the group “Friends of Cabo San Lucas AC.”

“The truth is that I’ve been here in Los Cabos for years, and I’ve never had to live with or see such a precarious situation in Los Cabos. Wherever you turn there are rivers of raw sewage, children getting sick in the stomach,” said Diana Sepúlveda, head of a well-known pharmacy in the center of Cabo San Lucas.


Investigating major case of corruption by Rosarito municipal judge and police in case of clandestine party

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecos de Rosarito.

Another mega corruption scandal as placed the Rosarito municipal administration under public scrutiny.

Now Municipal Judge Ramón Celestino Medrano Aguilar and a group of municipal police, including the downtown Rosarito police station commander, are accused of an extortion plan for their own benefit to free those arrested at the clandestine party on Saturday, September 29, 2018.

The impudence was so great, that the Municipal Attorney did not even find records for the more than 50 adults arrested at the party, much less records of the more than 100 minors in the holding cells at the police station. A mass arrest that left no trace.

The early investigation results by the municipal attorney show that the municipal judge on duty, in complicity with municipal police, collected a mordida to free the adults and some cases also for the minors, without depositing the money in the municipal coffers.

In spite of the fact the arrests occurred while the party was occuring, not one adult was presented to the public minister for corruption of minors.

In fact, the municipal coffers have no record of any payments for administrative fines for the more than 50 adults arrested at the clandestine party, according to the municipal attorney.

As a part of the investigation, the municipal attorney called for statements from those involved and also demanded a report from the Court Coordinator, David Rivera Hernández.

Under the premise that the acts of corruption will be tolerated, Mayor Mirna Rincón Vargas instructed the municipal attorney to thoroughly investigate the case and identify those responsible.

For the time being, Municipal Judge Medrano has been suspended during th‌e investigation.