John Moreno arrested in Todos Santos

Translated by Fulano from an article in Diario El Independiente.

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La Paz, Baja California Sur

Around 11:30AM this Friday, lawyer Joseph John Moreno Rutowski was arrested by Ministerial Police in Todos Santos to be presented “forcefully” to make declarations in La Paz about matter which his family says they are unaware of, according to confirmation from sources near to him.

At this time, the lawyer is en route to the State Attorney General’s offices, and who in prior interviews with El Independiente said that the attorney general had “reactivated” several investigations after Moreno was reported for dispossession by the legal representatives of the Mira Companies, who are responsible for the Tres Santos real estate development in Punta Lobos a Todos Santos beach.

The attorney works as the legal representative of the Punta Lobos fish cooperative, whose fishermen have carried out blockades and demonstrations to demand respect for the their work, saying they were displaced by the development. The development has invested 1.2 billion pesos and has been questioned by the locals about several irregularities in their environmental procedures.


Attempted kidnapping of American in Rosarito

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.

Playas de Rosarito – Tourist police officers stopped an attempted kidnapping Monday night of an American citizen, and arrested three people.

Rosarito Police Chief, Magdaleno Váquez Luis, reported the incident started around 7:30PM at a park located next to the Municipal Art and Cultural Center, where three youths subdued a 30-year old American man, and put him in a black SUV.

Witnesses reported the event to the emergency number and the vehicle was immediately located on bulevar Benito Juárez, headed northbound, where a pursuit was initiated by three police units from the Tourist Police.

Seeing they were being pursued, the kidnappers diverted to the street where the City Hall was located, and tossed the victim out of the vehicle and then parked in a pharmacy parking lot on the opposite corner and entered the pharmacy as if they were going to but something.

There, two of the suspects were arrested and one more ran out of the pharmacy, and was arrested.

Váquez Luis said that the suspects were very young and no weapons were found, and they have been placed with the public minister and the kidnap victim was reported safe and sound.


Untreated wastewater is dumped at 3,400 points in Mexico

Translated by Fulano from an article in JornadaBC.

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Mexico City, May 15, 2017 – While civil organizations warn there are at least 3,400 places in Mexico where the have identified discharges of untreated municipal wastewater, which ends up in rivers, arroyos, ravines, lakes and the ocean, the National Water Commission said that 57.5% of them receive treatment.

Regarding industrial wastewater, there is a lack of transparency, as the only thing reported is the treated volume, but not the amount which is not treated, and even less so when it is dumped, according to the Report on Human Rights Violations on Water and Health, prepared by 100 organizations to be presented to the United Nations Inspector General on Human Rights, water, sanitation and sewage.

Exposure to shit

The document says that for the majority of the Mexican population, excrement returns to have contact with the population from the rivers, ravines and sea, and contamination of community drinking water sources.


Club Marena does not comply with Condominium Laws

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecos de Rosarito.

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By asking for information on the sue of their homeowners maintenance fees, resident of Club Marena have been harassed in their own property by the homeowners administration.

The unhappy residents said that for the past two years they have been asking the administrator of Villas Marena, A.C. to provide information and documentation on how HOA fees have been used, however they have received absolutely nothing. For that reason about 50 foreign residents went to the City Hall to ask for help from the municipal authorities on May 9.

Those affected, mostly foreigners and previously gone to the office of the arbitrator to ask for advice, where they were told it was the obligation of the developer to call a meeting when 60% of the units had been sold. That goal was achieved several years ago, however, no general assembly has been called, say the homeowners.

The homeowners say that the last assembly was on April 16, 2016, where the residents of Punta Marena and Torres Marena voted to change the administrator from Villa Marena A.C.. In return Villa Marena A.C. took reprisals against the residents, who pointed out harassment, such as cutting off gas, water and access to the gym. “We are being held captive in our own homes, the placed armed guards. We are talking about a community who came here, some to retire and rest and we are living the opposite,” said one of those affected.

According to the Condominium Property Law, the homeowners have gathered 25% of the signatures of the 186 condominiums, who called for a general assembly and as of the moment they have been denied the the HOA administrator, Vicente Nava.


Four Baja California state police under investigation for torture and rape of Americans

Translated by Fulano from an article in Lindero

Tijuana – Four State Preventative Police, among them a woman, are being investigated for torture, rape and sexual abuse of two American women in April, 2016 on the Las Brisas subdivision of Tijuana.

An arrest warrant for rape and sexual attack on two American women against the state police is in process at the State Attorney General.

Those accused were identified by the victims after an administrative process and the police were relieved of duty and then terminated, but have yet to be sanctioned.

Raise your hands! Where is the money? After the police had jumped the fence, hooded with rifles, to subdue a woman, her two daughters and a visitor.

The state police officers had assaulted the house to steal more than $8,000 dollars from the women, who they has stripped naked, raped and recorded the sexual attack on a video. In addition they abused one of her daughters and who they made take off her clothing. A friend of the family and the other minor child were tied up in another room of the home.

In addition to drugging the woman and another victim, they repeated placed plastic bags on their heads to asphyxiate them.

According to the recommendations of the State Human Rights Commission, this was a case of torture which included “sexual torture, sexual aggression’s and other forms of human rights violations of the woman and a life free from violence,” and other forms of rights violations.

The police had demanded money and drugs, but after the sexual attacks they fled with the cash, jewels and recordings of the rapes of the women.

A source consulted by Lindero Norte said that three of the police officers fled to the United States via the San Ysidro border crossing in December, 2016. Meanwhile the woman police officer remained in Mexico.


What is your probability of being murdered if you lived in Rosarito?

In order to figure out the odds of being murdered in Rosarito, you cannot take the current murder rate of 90 per 100,000, multiply that by life expectancy (79 years for an American) and then say your chances of getting murdered are 7.1% (90/100,000*79).

What you have to do is work out the odds on NOT being murdered over 79 years. The probability of not being murdered in the first year is (100,000-90)/100,000 = 99.91. Then, in order to determine the probability on not being murdered over a 79-year lifespan you multiply the probabilities. The probability of not being murdered in the first year and not being murdered in the second year is 0.99921*0.99921= 0.99996.

So, then you keep multiplying for 79 years, and you end up with a probability of not being murdered of 0.939474441, which makes the probability of being murdered if you lived your entire life in Rosarito of 0.060525559.

That makes it 25 times more likely you will be murdered in Rosarito than in San Diego.


The legend of Mahuana, the most famous indigent in Tijuana

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.

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TIJUANA – The woman arrives at the cathedral esplanade. She unfolds a faded quilt she brought in a a blue bag. Between here knees, she places a white synthetic leather bag, so new it still has the price tag. She put her arm through the handle, formed her hands like a pillow, and in a few minutes she was deeply asleep.

She is Mahuana and there are scores of stories about her life, as she has been homeless since the 1970’s. There are those who say her name is María Luisa Castro Valenzuela, and who would be in her 60’s, an that Mahuana (or Maguana) is a nickname for Marijuana.

There are those who say she was a normal woman, no so beautiful with a not so good body and that she worked as a nanny until she fell into alcoholism, which made her homeless, as so many other people in Tijuana.

However, the legend is very interesting

It is said that before falling into disgrace, she worked in the “Mi Ranchito Bar,” and was a dancer.

She was described as a dark woman with an exuberant hairstyle (like the Rarotonga comics), and that she danced like a Tongolese, wearing just some small coverlets on her breasts and intimate parts.

“She was famous, not just in Tijuana, but everywhere. There were people who came from afar just with the dream of seeing her dance or to dance a little with her,” said a resident of Tijuana.

It was the boom times for tourism, and the bar totally filled up when she danced.

“I was a kid and a I also felt attracted to see this woman that everybody talked about. I stood in front of the bar to see her when the curtain opened so adults could enter. And yes, she was very beautiful and a great dancer.”

The comes the sad part of the legend of Mahuana

“Sometimes she would get involved with some of the bar customers. One day some Asians came, and they invited her to go out with them. She accepted, as this paid a lot of money. It appears she was drugged and she remained high.

Since then, Mahuana walked the streets. Those who have seen her over the long term of almost four decades have seen here pregnant, and do not know where she went to give birth to her children.

Some people have complained she has yanked their hair as they passed by, or that she has thrown objects, but generally she moves around indifferently among the people who also repay her with the same indifference, just as they do the thousands of drug addicts who roam the streets of Tijuana, each in his own little world.

But Mahuana is the most popular of them all.

Yesterday, she slept on the ground in front of the cathedral, immune to the cold and the passage of time.


Another tourist bus attacked in Tijuana

Translated by Fulano from an article in AFN Tijuana.

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Wednesday afternoon there was a report of damages to a tourist bus by still unidentified persons who threw rocks at the windows of the bus which was carrying visitors who were returning to the San Ysidro border crossing from Puerto Nuevo. The attack was near the intersection called “La Pera.”

Police did not detain those responsible, not withstanding that in recent days the mayor of Tijuana promised to redouble the security in the area and to send police escorts with the tourist buses, which continue to be objects of attacks. The last attack was last week in the same area.


TJAMIGOS the website about prostitutes in Tijuana

There is an internet forum run by an American resident of San Diego which is dedicated to those persons interested in crossing the border into Mexico to engage in prostitution. The forum has been around in one form or another for over a decade and has changed ownership several times.

The current ownership of TJAMIGOS is a company named  “TJA Enterprises,”  which is owned by Todd A. Flores. Mr. Flores is a 55-year old professional investment-pension consultant and has related companies called Complete Pension Services, Inc. and TAF Properties, all of which operate out of San Diego.

One of Fulano’s all-time great nemeses, Jihad Ezzeddine Salman, used to post on the website as ” Rodrigo,”  until he was mercifully banished for being terminally stupid. In fact, it was Jihad Salman who led Fulano to that website, as ” Rodrigo”  was boasting it was his web site, which it is not and never was.

TJAMIGOS is a members-only forum. The administrators try to make sure that none of the Tijuana prostitutes they patronize or talk about on the forum can get in to see what is being said about them.

On TJAMIGOS, Todd A. Flores posts as ” Zambooy.”


UBER driver killed in Rosarito, three Americans were his passengers

Translated by Fulano from a post in Rosarito en La Noticias.

Rosarito, B.C. – It was approximately 11:18PM this Thursday, when the UBER driver José Humberto, 28 years old, was headed to Club Marena, located at kilometer 38.5 on the Free Road between Rosarito and Ensenada. There were three American passengers.

The story from the tourists revealed that when beside the El Tapanco restaurant, a vehicle pulled up beside them, a sedan, and shot the driver and wounded him.

The startled tourists put the driver in the back seat, where a couple had been sitting, and the front seat passenger drove to the Club Marena condominiums. When the paramedics arrived, the driver was pronounced dead.

The initial report was to Central Command and indicated the police had reported gunfire in the La Cascada subdivision. Police and Mexican army personnel searched the area with no success.

Minutes later the 911 emergency number was called from Club Marena, asking for help as there were young Americans crying, said the security guards of the atrocious event.