FAA downgrades Mexico’s air safety rating

(AP) WASHINGTON — Mexico’s aviation safety rating was downgraded Friday due to concerns about the country’s safety oversight, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The action won’t stop flights between the two countries, but it will prevent Mexican airlines like AeroMexico and Mexicana from expanding service to the United States, the FAA said.

Mexican airlines also will not be able to carry passengers to or from the United States in so-called code-sharing agreements with U.S. airlines. Code-sharing means one airline puts its code or symbol on another carrier’s flight and sells the seats as if the plane were its own.

Delta Air Lines Inc., the world’s largest airline, has a code-sharing arrangement with Aeromexico, and AMR Corp.’s American Airlines has one with Mexicana.

Delta spokesman Kent Landers said the airline will remove its code from AeroMexico flights. About 140 AeroMexico flights per day operate with Delta’s code.

“Our customers are still permitted to travel on AeroMexico, but must be rebooked with an AeroMexico flight number to do so,” Landers said in a statement. The airline said it will work with the affected AeroMexico codeshare passengers so there is “minimal impact to their travel plans.”

Passengers who bought tickets aboard an Aeromexico flight with a Delta flight number will have to be re-ticketed or booked on a Delta flight, Landers said.

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