62 Police Arrested by Mexican Army in Tijuana

Photo: TijuanaHoy

Since late last night the Mexican army in Tijuana has been arresting police officers involved in kidnappings, killings and who worked to protect organized crime in the region. The information leading to the arrests came from the FBI and its “Operation Green Light,” which is the same operation that led to the arrest of the high-ranking international liaison for the Baja Attorney General, Jesús Quiñónez Márquez.

According to unconfirmed reports, so far approximately 10 ministerial police, 30 Tijuana municipal police officers and five Baja state police officers are in the custody of the Army. The Mexican government uses its Army for these types of operations because the police departments are so full of crooked cops.

Link to article in Spanish.

Update Thursday afternoon, July 29, 2010:

Later news now reports there were 62 police arrested, of which 16 were ministerial police and the remainder were Tijuana municipal police officers. No Baja state police were detained. The article that lists all their names is here.

Here’s a picture of the panzotes:

Source: Frontera

Newer update, Thurday evening:

Later in the day TIJUANAPRESS.COM released a video of a ruckus that broke out while the arrested police where doing their perp walk before the press. Some of the arrested men are saying, “I’m an honest cop” [fui fiel] and hurling accusations at the soldiers. Others are tossing insults, such as “cobardes” [cowards] and “chinga tu madre,” which is a coarse insult about performing a sex act on ones mother. Here is the video: