Build That Fence — In Greece

It seems that America’s southern border with Mexico is not the only place a government wants to build a fence to keep out illegal immigrants.

Last year 15 illegal immigrants drowned while trying to cross into Greece from Turkey.

Greece scaled back its plans for a border fence with Turkey to stem illegal immigration, following critical remarks from the EU and human rights organizations over the weekend. Last year, some 128,000 illegal immigrants crossed into Greece. From there they head into the European Union.

Original plans announced by the Greek government over the weekend called for a 206-kilometer-long fence similar to the one erected by the United States along its frontier with Mexico to curb large-scale illegal immigration.

New plans released on Monday by the Citizen Protection Ministry indicated modifications to a 12.5-kilometer-long and three-meter-high fence along a weak entry point on the border, near the Evros river and the town of Orestiada.

The Greek land border with Turkey has become a main route for illegal migrants to enter the European Union. Around 80 percent of illegal immigrants in the EU arrive via Greece

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