Two visitors to Popotla carjacked

One shot and wounded, the other is missing

Rosarito, B.C. January 27, 2019 – Saturday morning two men, José and Rafael Gamez Chicuate, 28 years old, and originally from Ensenada arrived in Popotla to visit a friend who owned a restaurant. When they were parking five men came and tried to take their car. The visitors resisted and José “N,” was beaten with a pistol and shot. He was wounded four times in the shoulder and leg. The thieves thought he was dead and tossed him in the car trunk. Meanwhile, Rafael Gamez Chicuate was taken in the vehicle and they headed off in the direction of the Puesta del Sol subdivision. As they were driving, José opened the trunk and escaped. He went to some houses and asked for help and there he fainted. The residents called the Red Cross and he was taken to the General Hospital, he was later taken to another city. Rafael Gamez Chicuate remains missings and his family is desperate and ask for the community to help find him.

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