Lawyer and his American wife and stepdaughter were kidnapped in Tijuana

Translated by Fulano from an article in AFN

TIJUANA, BC January 20, 2019 – When lawyer Gustavo Alemán Salazar was kidnapped last December, few knew (as it was not made public) that along with him, the criminals took his wife, Mirna Ledezma, and her daughter Natalia, who was 20 years old, and both of them are United States citizens. As such, American authorities were also aware of the kidnapping.

Regarding the kidnapping, which happened last December 3 at 5PM on the Vía Rápida in front of the Home Depot, the President of the Tijuana Bar Association, Jorge Alberto Escárcega Germán, spoke on the matter and said, among other things, that his companions have now lost hope of finding the attorney and his family as there has been no news on them and no information forthcoming from the investigation.

According to Escárcega Germán, Gustavo ALemán Salazar, was a civil litigator and he was kidnapped by at least eight people wearing tactical gear and who were traveling in three white pick-ups, with polarized windows similar to those used by state and municipal intelligence organizations.

At first, it was believed the kidnapping may have been an official act, as another attorney in contact with the victim via telephone heard when one of the kidnappers said “they were carrying out an arrest warrant.” Other witnesses described the vehicles.

After the kidnapping, the victim’s family received calls demanding they turn over some properties of 5 acres. The properties were presumed to belong to Gustavo Alemán, and were located in Playas de Tijuana, which made authorities believe it was a kidnapping, notwithstanding the strange demand, as Mexican kidnappers usually demand money in cash. After the date of the call, the criminals did not call again.