“There was no gasoline, not even stolen gasoline; many people went to the leak to stock up”

Translated by Fulano from an article in Jornadabc.mx


Hidalgo, January 20 .- There was not even stolen gasoline to buy. Some out of “curiosity” and others to get some free gasoline, went to stock up at the clandestine pipeline tap that blew up Friday, claim relatives of victims.

My brother told my mother that he was going to the Internet shop to do some homework, said Eruviel Cerón, brother of 15-year old Gabriel Cerón, who suffered severe second and third degree burns.

“20 or 25 minutes after he had gone out, some acquaintances came to the house and told us that the pipeline tap had exploded and that there were many wounded and dead and that they had seen Gabriel.

We went there. Many people were running with their hair and clothes burning, crying out for help. We also saw burned people. No matter how hard we searched, we do not find Gabriel.

After hours of searching, the Tula Tepeji Regional Hospital informed them that Gabriel had been rescued alive, but that due to his condition he was sent to the hospital in Lomas Verdes, Mexico state.

As to why Gabriel decided to go to the fuel leak instead of going to the Internet shop, Eruviel said: Maybe just out of curiosity.

Cousins ​​Alan Joseph Reyes Hernández and Ángel Reyes Velasco, 15 and 30 years old, who for reasons that their relatives say they can not explain, also went to the pipeline just moments before the explosion.

Maybe they were there just to relax or from curiosity; now they are in serious condition, said Pilar López, a relative of both boys who survived the explosion although with severe burns all over the body.

During an improvised meeting outside the Tlahuelilpan municipal library early on Saturday morning, a group of desperate women and men who were looking for their relatives, berated the mayor, Juan Pedro Cruz, not having taken action with the federal government to see that the gas stations in the municipality had been stocked with gasoline.

There was no gasoline, not even stolen gasoline. That’s why many, including my husband, wanted to take advantage of the tap to stock up, said one of the women with her face distorted, wrapped up like many others with blankets because of the early morning cold.