“Forgive me for not having the money to pay your ransom”

“Forgive me for not having the money to pay your ransom,” says mother of murdered daughter

“Forgive me daughter because I did not work hard enough to pay your ramson and they killed you,” were the words written by Gabriela Mar Betancourt on her social network pages after the murder of her daughter, Itzel.

The body of the 24-year old woman was found Saturday on the Tancoco, Veracruz highway, after being being held captive for several days.

“Daughter, I love you, rest in peace Itzel Mar. Forgive me for not having enough money to pay. A kiss for you my love, may God receive you with open arms and that your father, Ramon Mar Betancourt help you in the Kingdom of heaven,” added the mother.

Armed men kidnapped Itzel Mar on November 8, as she left a gym to go to a kindergarten to get her son.

Several news sources said the criminals demanded a ransom of millions of pesos to free her.

The crime has caused a commotion in Veracruz, and so far nobody has been arrested.