Gangsters shoot, wound a 6-year old girl and her grandmother for not paying extortion

Translated by Fulano from an article in

MEXICO CITY, A 53-year old woman and her 6-year old granddaughter were wounded by gunfire after neighbors in colonia Abraham González, in the Álvarod Obregón district chased them and beat two extortioners with rocks and sticks. They had come to demand extortion money from a dairy store in the district.

The incident happened last Saturday, when two armed men came to beat up the business owners in the story on avenida Roque Velasco, at the corner with calle Romanso. Customers saw the extortion taking place and they started to struggle with with criminals, trying to stop them from taking the 2,000 pesos per week they demanded from the owners to not damage their business.

The extortioners said they were a part of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, and told everybody from that day forward, every business, no matter how small, had to pay a monthly fee or they would be attacked.

50 or so neighbors responded to the calls for help, the organized and blocked the criminals inside the dairy store. They called for police who took some time to arrive. The criminals tried to escape and the residents started beating them. As the criminals fled, the started shooting and hit the grandmother and her granddaughter.