A health crisis looms over Los Cabos

Translated by Fulano from an article in Peninsular Digital.

Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.- A health crisis looms over Los Cabos, where raw sewage runs permanently through the streets and flies ravage the neighborhoods, a situation that must be added to the potholes that make fluid transit through the main roads impossible.

In view of the ills already described above, organized civil society and businessmen from the downtown Cabo San Lucas will carry out a cleaning campaign on October 13 at 7AM in the morning, inviting the entire population to join in this activity, which seeks to alleviate the situation that exists here.

“The campaign will be with manual sweeping, washing streets and disinfection, as well as what is necessary to meet the tourist influx season in the best way and with the best attitude” said the group “Friends of Cabo San Lucas AC.”

“The truth is that I’ve been here in Los Cabos for years, and I’ve never had to live with or see such a precarious situation in Los Cabos. Wherever you turn there are rivers of raw sewage, children getting sick in the stomach,” said Diana SepĂșlveda, head of a well-known pharmacy in the center of Cabo San Lucas.