Warning of a large drop in tourism for Cancún for 2019

Translated by Fulano from an article in Reportur.com.

September 16, 2018 – Cancún recorded an 18% drop in passenger demand for 2019, and one cannot cover the Sun with a finger and only give happy figures to the authorities, said the CEO of Apple Leisure Group, Alex Zozaya, who emphasized, according to Quadratin, that Quintana Roo is enduring a crisis.

The head of the largest tourism group in the United States and the largest American hotel operator in the Caribbean, said that the State Secretary of Tourism, Marisol Vanegas, “appears to be dedicated to giving good news to the state governor, and does not like to give out bad news.”

Since August, 2017, he added,I have been telling Tourism Secretary Marisol Vanegas that we are in a crisis and we are continuing to cover the Sun with a finger, and continue saying no, it is not true. We are driving looking into the rear view mirror, we are saying look at those 2017 statistics. In that sense, he said there is no reason to even look at the 2018 numbers, but for 2019 there is an 18% drop in passenger demand for Cancún.

He reported that each time he told the state Tourism Secretary that the sector is experiencing a problem, she only says that everything is fine, when not only is it evident that tourist numbers are falling, but so is the average room rate, as good customers are being substituted for cheaper ones, as has been reported in Reportur.mx.

He said that at the national level, tourism has fallen off 5% and for next Winter they are seeing a worse picture.

“It is clear there is a problem and we want to say nothing is happening here,” as he also stated that the high income tourist does not come to a destination if there are crime problems, even if the room is free. Lower income tourists are coming because room rates are dropping.

The first thing which has to be done to address this problem, he said, is the admit it exists, and stop pretending that nothing is happening. Once that is recognized, we have to act and do so in a united manner,” and there is the big problem we have to do with the government, and the governor is very aware of this.” He said the issues which need to be urgently addressed are crime, seaweed, promotions and publicity.