AMLO says he will not fight with Trump over the border wall

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Mexicano.

GUAYMAS, Sonora, September 22, 2018 – Although he said that the immigration problem will not be resolved by building walls, president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador clarified that he will not fight with US President Donald Trump over the matter, even when he is “being confrontational.”

“I don’t want a confrontation with the United States government, even if they are being provocative, I am not going to fall victim to any provocation. There are many who want us to fight with everyone, we are not going to fight with President Donald Trump, love and peace,” he said.

“I need to come to the presidency on December 1 to start working on these matters. We are looking for an agreement, seeking and understanding, that there be a friendly relationship with the United States government,” he assured.