Tijuana police continue to extort tourists

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Sol de Tijuana.

Tijuana – In spite of efforts from tourist authorities and municipal police, foreign tourists continue being extortion victims by Tijuana municipal police.

An American tourist told El Sol de Tijuana that this week he entered Tijuana at the Eastern entrance and was approached by municipal police who told him he had “suspicious face.” They then searched him and took US$100 dollars from his wallet.

“After they took the US$100 dollars, they took me in a police patrol to my dentist. They knew I had not committed any crime, they only wanted to steal my money,” said the visitor, who asked to remain anonymous.

The president of the Tijuana Tourist and Conventions Committee, Francisco Villegas Peralta, admitted they have been unable to eliminate extortion of foreign tourists by Tijuana municipal police officers.