Grandmother watches her grandson lynched, she could only cry

Translated by Fulano from an article in Uniradio Informa.

Petra Elia García is Alberto Flores’ grandmother. 22-year old Alberto was burned alive along with his uncle Ricardo Flires at the town square in Acatlán, Puebla.

She told how she arrive at the town square just as her grandson and his uncle were burning in flames, after the police turned them over to the mob. She could do nothing. She only cried as the crowd threw gasoline on them and burned them alive, according to the Periódico Central.

In the tumultuous mob, she could only listen as the crown demanded they be burned. They also mocked them, stole their cell phones and wallets. The also burned their vehicle which several other family members relied upon.

Likewise, José Guadalupe Flores saw his brother and his uncle laying on the ground. Ricardo was still breathing, he was still alive. But there was nothing he could do. Moments before he had run through the streets for the City Hall, looking for the mayor, he urged the police to intervene, asked for telephone number to call some authorities. Nobody offered any help.

Alberto Flores was 43 years old, and his nephew Ricardo Flores was just 22. Ricardo was studying law in Xalapa, but was on vacation for a few days.

He has several jobs to earn money to continue supporting his wife and three daughters, and to continue studying. He worked in the countryside, selling Telcel accessories and in construction.

The two victims had been parked outside a school, and drinking. One of the neighbors called the police and said there were two suspicious men parked, and did not know them and was worried they were child stealers. That little information was enough. That lit the fuse, and a simple rumor took the lives of Ricardo and Alberto, burned to death in the town square without any intervention by the police.