Beggars and street vendors damage Rosarito’s image

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecos de Rosarito.

Street vendors continue to proliferate in downtown Rosarito and with them there is damage to the image of the Tourist Zone, a problem which has gone out of control this Summer.

There are not only locations which have taken over the sidewalks, now there are people carrying with them, from candies, pastries, crafts, personal items and fantasy jewelry, who do not hesitate to enter restaurants and small businesses to offer their products to the customer, including begging for money from diners and customers.

As with every Summer, many children are made by their parents or guardians to sell candies in the streets and commercial establishments, or simple to beg for money from every passerby who walks by them. However, now there are also young adults who chase after the tourists to offer some product or beg for money.

Among the business operators, they warn of beggars who have entered restaurant kitchens to demand food, as with last Sunday, July 29, at a well-known seafood restaurant in the Tourist Zone. Among the beggars have been some Americans.

Enrique Muñoz, head of the Rosarito Office of Inspection, Verification and Street Regulations, reported that during the last weekend of July they had guards in the Tourist Zone, who removed women who had come from the interior of Mexico to beg for money on the streets, along with their children.

He added that during the first weekend of August they will try to carry out operations in coordination with Municipal Child Protective Services, to detect children who are put in the streets to work or to beg money from passersby.