Concern about the possibility of closing the Sea of Cortez

Translated by Fulano from an article in Colectivo PericĂș.

There is an advanced intention for the complete closure of the Sea of Cortez in its international and territorial waters, such that no industrial extractive activity is carried out, which has already generated a concern from the National Chamber of the Fishing Industry.

This initiative is driven by the environmental organization Coalition to Defend Mexico’s Seas (CODEMAR), which stresses the need to consider as a refuge the enitre Gulf of California and Pacific coasts of the Baja peninsula.

The president of the National Chamber of Fisheries and Aquaculture (CANAIPESCA), Humberto Becerra Batista, has been declared as against the closure of the Gulf of California to make it a protected natural area, because 1.2 million people depend on and are involved with the production of 60 percent of the seafood produced in Mexico.

He said that there is already an established industry around fishing in the Gulf of California, such as shipyards, freezing chambers, fishing fleets, etc.

Humberto Becerra Batista says that behind this proposal to close the Gulf of California is a “radical” Non-Governmental Organization that works for a group of mining, tourist and landowners in Baja California.