Couple from Campeche kidnapped and murdered

Translated by Fulano from an article in Tribuna Campeche.

VERACRUZ – On July 11, 2018, Alicia Morales Menabrito, 28 years old, and her boyfriend Javier Váquez Navarro, 29, travelled from Campeche fo Coatzacoalcos to visit their relatives, but never arrived. They were found this Wednesday, murdered, and with a drug message on their bodies.

According to the official data, the young man worked as an employee of the Emerson oil company, a subcontractor for Pemex at the Sonda de Campeche, and his girlfriend stayed at home.

A few weeks ago they decided to visit Alicia’s mother, who lives in colonia María de la Piedad, however, they were intercepted before arriving at that home, according to local news.

News media say their captors demanded 5 million pesos (US$265,000) to free them. The money was paid to the criminals.

Early this morning, both bodies were left on the sidewalk on calle Agustín Lira, between 20 de Noviembre and Jacaranda, in colonia 1 Mayo, in Coatzacoalcos.

Veracruz governor, Miguel Angel Yunes Linares, said it was the Campeche tourists who had been killed.