Investigating restaurant bar and hotel in La Salina

Translated by Fulano from an article in El

July 16, 2018 – The Office of Urban Control, Ecology and Environment has started an administrative procedure on the operation of a restaurant bar and hotel in La Salina, which has no permits. In addition, a subdivision was started without authorization.

The development is administered and controlled by a group of Americans, who according to those complaining, force their customer to make payments for water rights in the United States.

According to the data from the Office, after a citizen’s complaint, they started an inspection of the rustic property called Rancho Torres, western section, with an area of 57,358.839 hectors (142,000 acres), which is located at kilometer 72.5 on the toll road between Tijuana and Ensenada.

Lot subdivision not registered

According to the information issued by the Office, after a review it was shown the the municipal government “has no registration to authorize a subdivision, nor are there any applications for a subdivision or creation of lots.”

In a document issued by the director of the Office of Urban Control, Ecology and Environment, Matilde López Chávez, she clarified that the Rancho Torres property, property registrar number ES-T86-002, with an area of 57,358.839 hectors is the only property registered.

The official reported said there are not building permits registered within the property, nor is there a permit for the operation of any business.

López Chávez told those complaining that last July 6, her Office carried out an inspection, as a hotel, restaurant and bar could be seen on the property.

The inspection was the result of a complaint about the installation of an electric gate which impeded the free flow of people who live in the area, where there are 75 homes.

Based upon this, the municipal agency started an administrative procedure against Porfirio Arellanes Torres, and anybody else found responsible, to force the legalization of the subdivision, the hotel and restaurant bar.

Residents of La Salina made a call to examine a series of irregularities which are occurring in the area, such as the case involving “Constuctores Pioneros,” which has left retired Americans totally defenseless.

They said that for the past decade, and even more recently, they have paid for rights to use the property.

“They have paid up to 30 years in advance. There are more than 200 homes here, between for homes and land rent, in some cases exceeds US$400,000 dollars,” they said.