These are AMLO’s 50 Guidelines

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president-elect, announced the “General Guidelines for Combating Corruption and the Application of a Republican Austerity Policy”, several of which he mentioned repeatedly during the electoral campaign.

There are 50 points that group his campaign promises and also specify the commitments that your government will make, relating for example to general, electoral and anti-corruption prosecutors. In this matter he said that there will be “absolute autonomy”, that they will not receive “orders” from the Presidency, they will have impartiality and they will avoid impunity, “regardless of who they are”.

Other highlighted data is the reduction of the salary of the future president who will now be placed 108,000 pesos per month, unlike the 270,000 pesos currently received by Enrique Peña Nieto.

At a press conference, AMLO explained that this amount represents 40% of Peña’s monthly salary and in that way he will fulfill his campaign promise to earn less than half of what the current president has.

Also, high-level officials with salaries of more than one million pesos a year will reduce their salary, but there the cuts will be gradual.

López Obrador committed to review the contracts with national or foreign companies and verify if they were granted through “influence or corruption.” He warned that if the national interest is affected, they will appeal to the Mexican Congress, as well as to national and international courts and offered that there will be no arbitrary actions, nor will confiscation or expropriation of property be carried out.

The 50 points released by López Obrador in his Sunday press conference:

1. Article 108 of the Constitution will be reformed so that the President of the Republic in office can be tried for electoral crimes and related to acts of corruption.

2. All legal privileges for public officials will be suspended.

3. The law will be reformed to also consider as serious crimes: influence peddling, corruption, association between officials and individuals to commit fraud of public funds, fuel theft and electoral fraud in any of its modalities. These charges will not allow the accused to obtain bail.

4. The Attorney General’s Office will have absolute autonomy, will not receive any orders from the Presidency of the Republic and its practices will adhere to the principle of law, according to which, at the margin of the law, nothing and no one is above the law.

5. The Electoral Prosecutor’s Office will guarantee that the elections are clean and free, will prevent, investigate and punish vote buying, coercion, threats, the use of the public budget and public goods to favor parties or candidates and will pursue any type of electoral fraud, will have impartiality and will be a basic instrument of society for the construction of an authentic democracy.

6. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor will be the guarantor to avoid this evil that has so damaged Mexico, and will not allow impunity to prevail in any circumstance, the mandate that we received from the people in the elections of July 1, 2018 consisted basically of entrusting with us the urgent task of ending corruption and impunity, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office will be able to act with absolute freedom and punish any person who commits a crime of that nature, regardless of who is involved, including political partners, officials, friends and relatives, A good judge starts with his own house.

7. All officials must present their declaration of assets and that of their close relatives, this information will be published and transparent in all cases.

8. The President of the Republic will earn less than half of what President Enrique Peña Nieto receives without any other form of compensation.

9. There will be no acquisitions of new vehicles for officials.

10. Computer systems will not be purchased in the first year of government.

11. There will be no more than five advisers per Secretary in the Federal Government.

12. Only secretaries of the Cabinet or equivalent will have private secretaries.

13. There will be no bonuses or other cushy jobs and salaries will be comprehensive in compliance with the Constitutional text that literally says “Remuneration is considered as any income in cash or in kind including expenses, bonuses, prizes, rewards, incentives, commissions, compensation and any other except for expenses subject to verification that are specific to the development of work and travel expenses in official activities.

14. Travel expenses will be limited to what is essential.

15. Any item for private medical expenses will be deleted.

16. There will be no special savings account, that is, the item known as “Individual Separation Insurance” will no longer exist.

17. You will not travel abroad without authorization from the Secretary and the corresponding departure will be limited to what is indispensable.

18. Trusts and any other mechanism used to conceal public funds and evade legality and transparency will be canceled.

19. With the exception of officials directly related to the implementation of public security policies, no others will have bodyguards.

20. All the programs and structures published: major offices, press offices, publications offices, legal offices, purchasing offices, internal comptrollerships, delegations and others, the functions or corresponding programs will be centralized in a single unit or coordination.

21. There will be a 70 percent reduciton in senior staff and 70 percent of the respective operating expenses.

22. The salaries of senior public officials who earn more than one million pesos per year will be reduced by half; such reduction will be applied in a progressive and proportional manner; the amount saved should be equivalent to 50 percent of the current expenditure.

23. Nobody can use private planes or helicopters, the Federal Government fleet of aircraft and helicopters will be sold, only air vehicles destined for civil protection security and air ambulances will be kept.

24. Pensions to former presidents of the Republic will be canceled.

25. The use of official vehicles and other public assets for private matters will be prohibited.

26. Public officials will be prohibited from hiring family members.

27. Workers will work from Monday to Saturday and at least eight hours a day.

28. You can not go to work while intoxicated or drink alcoholic beverages in public offices.

29. Government advertising spending will be reduced by 50 percent.

30.Finance, communications, energy and officials of other areas officials will be prohibited from joining in parties, meals, sports games or trips with contractors, concessionaires, large contributors, suppliers or investors linked to the public function.

31. No public official may use at his home workers at the service of the State if such is not allowed or he does not have authorization to do so.

32. No official without an emergency cause may order the closure of streets, stop traffic, not respect traffic lights or park in prohibited places.

33. No merchandise will be acquired of which there is already sufficient in existence in public warehouses.

34. No offices will be remodeled or luxury furniture purchased.

35. Only secretaries and undersecretaries will have the support of drivers.

36. The police and the military of the different corporations will not be at the service of officials or individuals without full justification.

37. The Presidential General Staff will be fully incorporated into the Secretariat of National Defense and will be responsible for the protection and surveillance of public spaces, strategic facilities and the security of Mexicans.

38. The official Los Pinos residence will become part of the Chapultepec forest and will become a space for art and culture.

39. There will no longer be costumes or any protocol and ceremonial expenses dedicated to the president or his close collaborators and relatives.

40. All work of espionage and telephone tapping that affects the right to privacy of people will be canceled. The government’s intelligence system will be exclusively dedicated to the prevention of crimes, the fight against crime and the preservation of national security.

41. The assets of the offices will be taken care of by public servants to protect the collective heritage.

42. Unnecessary expenses for offices will be eliminated, along with electricity, water, land lines, mobile phones, internet, gasoline and other inputs paid by public funds.

43. Citizens will be treated with kindness in the offices and in any place where we are identified.

44. Government purchases will be made in a consolidated manner, through a call for citizen observation and the transparency office of the United Nations (UN).

45. Public works contracts of the government will be carried out through public bidding, with the participation of citizens and observers from the UN.

46. ​​There will be no politics in the budget prepared by deputies and senators, the shameful practice of bribery will end, along with the so-called “moches” (pieces of the action).

47. No public official may receive gifts whose value exceeds 5,000 pesos.

48. The hiring of firms, or external consultants or advisors will not be authorized to prepare legislation, development plans, work reports, any type of analysis, drafting or recommendations that can be done with the work and the capacity of public servants.

49. In commercial or financial relations with international companies, preference will be given to those in countries whose governments are characterized by their honesty and bribery or corruption will be consitently punished.

50. Contracts signed with national or foreign companies that have been granted through influence or corruption and that cause damage to the Treasury will be reviewed, in case of anomalies that affect the national interest they will be addressed with the Congress and National and International Courts, always driven by legal means, we will not act arbitrarily, nor will there be confiscation or expropriation of property.