Girls rescued in Puerto Vallarta were to be auctioned off

Translated by Fulano from an article in El Financiero.

After an operation carried out in Puerto Vallarta, based upon a complaint filed by the International Foundation for Missing and Stolen Children, 40 adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17 were rescued. They had been tricked with an invitation to a pool party and they were to be auctioned off to foreigners and other rich individuals.

In an interview with El Financiero, the president of the organization, Juan Manuel Estrada Ju├írez, talked about the case and they way in which human traffickers operate. “The girls were contacted by another girlfriend, these are girls in secondary school, not from Puerto Vallarta, but from Nayarit, Nuevo Vallarta and towns which are nearby to Puerto Vallarta. Most of the young girls had similar characteristics, they all looked very much alike. They operation was carried out and people escaped, although some adults were apprehended, drivers who when to pick up the girls and take them. It should be noted that some of the girls were paid to attend.”

The phenomenon of human trafficking has three focal points in Jalisco, according to a study distributed by the United Nations. They are the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, the Chapala lakeside and Puerto Vallarta. These last two location have a large number of foreigners, and Puerto Vallarta is where the most number of such cases are discovered, said the activist.

“The issue of human trafficking is an issue, especially in Jalisco, and is very recurrent because of its geographical position, and the physical characteristics of the people who live in Jalisco. It is a favorable place for human trafficking, and a paradise. About 10 years ago we discovered the first network, this is the fourth network of pornography and prostitution that we dismantled. One of the first networks that we dismantled in Jalisco was the one that affected some young women who were sent to the United States and we managed to rescue them and the minors were recovered,” he said.

In this case, we acted in time, according to Estrada. The girls were going to be auctioned in bids where the base price was around $1,500 dollars, but the buyers escaped prior to the arrival of federal personnel.

Estrada said the human traffickers operated with impunity and even have the collaboration of authorities who alert them to operations.