Murder in Cancún unmasks an internet fraud ring

Translated by Fulano from an article in

CANCÚN, Quintana Roo, June 8, 2018 – A home in Supermanzana 20, where a person was murdered last week, turned out to be the operations center of a vacation package internet fraud network.

The victim was a partner in the fraud organization, who was being protected by former and current transit and ministerial police, according to the sources from the state Attorney General.

Friday, June 1, armed subjects entered home No. 30 on Calle Pecarí, with rifles and tied up the people found inside.

One of the criminals went upstairs and shot one of the occupants of the home, and took an undisclosed amount of cash.

As a result of the killing, information was learned that the dead man was a partner, along with a former transit police officer, in a fraud network selling vacation packages.

The group had four homes, each with at least 15 people working on calling foreigners offering these vacation packages.

They also created fake web pages offering their services, one of them was called “Agencia Call Center.” Once a transaction was closed and the money was deposited, one person was exclusively assigned to remove the money from the bank with false ID’s.

Another fraudster worked to collect the money and take it to the house were the victim was murdered, which was the operating center.

Another of the safe houses was beside a gymnasium on avenida Kabah, in Supermanzana 43, were last April 23 a vehicle with five murdered bodies inside was left.

Once the fraud was committed, the web pages, telephones and accounts were blocked so their victims could not make any demands.

The home had private security by an former transit police officer and former ministerial police officers who were carrying firearms. They were stationed there, but there were also active duty ministerial police who patrolled the home.

According to the source, somebody gave them away, and for that reason the murderers came to the hme with the intention to shoot as they already knew the guards were armed.