Tourist reports she was drugged and raped in Zipolite, Oaxaca hotel

Translated by Fulano from an article in Cultura Colectiva.

Claudia Salinas, a gastronomy journalist, planned a vacation to Zipolite, Oaxaca, to spend her vacation time on a nude beach in Puerto Ángel, which is visited every year by hundreds of Mexican and foreigners. She arrived at Hotel Nude on May 7, an area known for protecting, guarding and providing security for tourists who visit the nude beaches.

Claudia chose this location so she would feel secure, as she travels alone. Three days after her arrival, she decided to spend all the day in her hotel room, and at night time went to the hotel bar for a drink of whisky. And that night ended up being a nightmare from which she just awoke. Claudia went to have some peace, not to be raped, she said today, four days after the rape, on her social networks.

At the bar, she met two men, who identified themselves as the hotel owner and a doctor, named Saúl and Andrés, respectively. They were drinking from a bottle of whisky which at no time was mixed with the drink Claudia was having. After the conversation, a chef was added as the conversation was about local and national gastronomy.

Claudia started to feel tired, dizzy and with a slow tongue, so she decided to go to bed in her room. At all times, her room key was in her purse. The next day was her return flight to Mexico City.

“I awoke between 5 and 6AM feeling very cold, and I said to myself, ‘I don’t know why this is happening,’ like a zombie I got up to put on a thin sweater I took on the trip with me, I put a towel on me and that was it, I was lost until about 7:40AM.

The sleepiness was uncontrollable for Claudia. She wanted to go down to have breakfast, but could not control her body, in her room she had stomach pains and vomited a piece of condom into the toilet.

The journalist showed proof, such as the piece of condom with her blood and semen from the person responsible for the sexual abuse. “What do you do when a piece of condom comes out of you? When did you eat it? When was it put in?

Salinas says that when she did go down to the lobby, she asked for help to start a criminal complaint, however, the manager pulled out the monitor with the security camera evidence. “Just because I decided to come alone, you had the right to enter my room, because I still have the key. They entered my room and raped me, how many times? I don’t know, I don’t want to think about that.”

The tourist went to the Zipolite military base to make a statement on the case, a useless act, as nobody attended to her, and she says she was discriminated by the authorities.’

Finally, she asked to have her video shared, to make her case viral. At this time, this publication, CC News, has asked Hotel Nude for a statement, along with an interview with Claudia Salinas to learn more details of her complaint, to which there has been no response.