Baby dies in the womb due to medical negligence

Translated by Fulano from an article in

Mexico City, May 9, 2018 – A baby which was at full term died in its mother’s womb due to medical negligence.

Via videos which went viral on the social networks, a family came out of the IMSS La Raza hospital angry and said they were there for several days waiting for the hospital to perform a cesarean on the mother, which was denied. The baby died inside her.

Relatives of the mother, who was identified as Mitzy, said the woman was forced to wait three days to give birth, because the doctors insisted she have a natural birth.

Mitzy left the IMSS La Raza hospital still in her hospital gown, along with all her family and they headed to the National Perinatology Institute, where the baby was removed from her womb, as the IMSS hospital told her the baby had died.

The medical report on the baby said the death was due to interruption of blood flow from the placenta, however the IMSS reported that the baby showed now cardiac activity.

According to the forenseic report, the baby died for lack of timely medical attention, as indicated by the autopsy.