Seven out of eight cosmetic surgeons in Baja California are not certified

Translated by Fulano from an article in

TIJUANA, Baja California, April 28, 2018 – “They gambled with my life, twice they gambled with my life,” said Alice Luca, a victim of two plastic surgeries which were poorly performed.

After an illness which left a scar on her abdomen, she decided to have plastic surgery, bichectomy and liposuction.

“And before that, in the same hospital, they had operated on my uterus and everything was well, there was good attention and I had a specialist,” she said.

Additionally, the owner of the hospital had a relationship with one of her friends, and offered to operate for $1,500 dollars less that another place.

The irregularities started when she was told a certain surgeon would operate and when she came for an evaluation, there was another surgeon.

“They gave me the name, but it was unfamiliar, they told me it is because the other just finished, but this doctor is a certified specialist, they guaranteed it, and had operated on other girls and everything came out well,” she said.

When she asked the surgeon for his documentation, he explained he had forgotten it, but would shot it on the day of the surgery.

“The day of the surgery, with all the nervousness, I forgot, but they both guaranteed to me he knew what he was doing,” she added.

The surgery lasted nine hours and although she ws released, she had to return to the hospital because she had headaches, was vomiting, and could not sit up because she fainted, she swooned and was bleeding internally.

“They ordered a blood test and I had only 6.2 pints of blood in my body when it should have 12. They ordered pints of blood, and I did not know when they administered it, they put it in very rapidly and my body went into shock,” she recalled.

When I was stabilized, they bandaged me, but the surgery was not done well, the implants were hanging and she felt a ball in her stomach.

“We are going to need a retouch, don’t worry,it will usually happens, I an not going to charge you, but we have to wait 6 months,” said the doctor.

When the time came for the new operation, she was told she had to pay the hosptial bill, which was $1,500 dollars.

“They did another liposuction, but it did not turn out well, the ball I felt in my stomach, and I did not like my chest, it wat ugly, there was no waistline, it looked strange,” she shared.

In light of the heartbreaking scenario, one year later she went to the Green & Health Hospital, and needed a third surgery.

“They did everything again, all, bust, liposuction, cuts, all,” she said.

When she started her lawsuit, she learned that the person who had operated on her was not a plastic surgeon, but a bariatric surgeon.

“Not even the hospital was authorized for this type of surgery, and later when I went to mediation and arbitration, I learned they needed a special permit to perform plastic surgery,” she said.

As a result of the arbitration, she was reimbursed $2,000 dollars.