Three Rosarito taxi drivers overdose

Translated by Fulano from an article in

ROSARITO, Baja California – Three Rosarito taxi drivers are in grave condition. They apparently consumed some kind of drug, causing an overdose early this morning.

According to the information, around 3AM Saturday, municipal police patrolling downtown Rosarito saw three fixed route taxi drivers laying on the street. They were with the yellow and white stripe taxis.

The taxi’s were stopped blocking the road and the drivers were laying unconscious on the ground.

Carlos Mendoza, Red Cross ambulance commander in Rosarito, said that one of the taxi drivers is in grave condition at the Red Cross facilities as they do not have the medication to stabilize this kind of overdose due to the high cost of the drugs.

Mendoza Bustos warned about the drug distribution which could be causing this, saying a few days ago someone died from an overdose.

He said that all during March they have been treating similar cases. He thinks somebody is selling heroin in place of cocaine.