San Felipe economy sinks

Translated by Fulano from an article in

MEXICALI, Baja California – “There are times when I don’t even have the money to buy water,” said Aarón, a single father with two children, who was left out of the compensation program for the fishing ban in San Felipe.

This reality is even more complicated due to the lack of employment caused by the fall in store sales of up to 40%, such as in grocery stores over a three year period.

But there are places with an even greater crisis inside the fishing production chain, such as ice vendors who have lost 70% of their sales due to the fishing ban.

Grocery store sales fell 40% in three years, since the fishing ban was implemented, said Omar Inzunza.

As a grocery store owner, he said little by little people were buying less.

That is because the monthly compensation of 8,000 pesos (US$450) given to the fishermen is not enough to live on, as they were accustomed to earning more when they went out fishing, up to 20,000 (US$1,100)pesos per month, he said.

Generally, residents of San Felipe want the fishermen to return to the sea, he said, because it is the profession of most of the people.

He added that the lack of money has caused an increase in robberies.

His wife, along with the residents of Mar Caspio organized a neighborhood watch.

As an example, the watch hours are distributed, and his wife watches until 2AM to see than no theives enter.

He said one night he had to chase away a thief trying to steal his car battery.

The federal government payments for the fishing ban have not been paid for the past four months.