Rosarito police rob citizen

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecos de Rosarito.

With arrogance, Rosarito municipal police in patrol vehicle 15-83, stole 800 pesos (US$45) from a retired official from Mexico City, who was riding his bicycle on the Scenic Highway, headed to the IMSS clinic on Thursday, March 8.

100 meters from the Kontiki bridge, officers in patrol vehicle 15-83 stopped Antonio Martínez, who had gotten off his bicycle to tie his shoelaces. The police started to search him, with the excuse that he was going to buy drugs in a nearby hut.

“I got off my bicycle to tie my shoelaces and suddenly the police stopped me because, according to them, I was going to buy drugs at a drug den that was beside the bridge, but I do not use drugs! I was headed to the IMSS Clinic. While they searched me, one of them took the only 800 pesos I had on me. I told the police officer to return the money and he told me to get the fuck out or next time he would arrest me.”

Antonio Martínez has filed his complaint with the Sindicatura ( municipal attorney), and he wants the police officers he has identified to return his 800 pesos, however, it has been two weeks and Sindicatura has not provided any response, on the contrary, the receptionists mock him, telling him to go back to his city, he said.

The victim lamented that in Rosarito there is no internal control office to address municipal police abuses, and the control and confidence examination the police take are not working.