Rosarito horse renters say they were being extorted

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecos de Rosarito.

Horse renters at the beach confirmed that they were being extorted and it was a real activity up to a few months ago when the collector disappeared from the public scene.

Meanwhile, as the authorities denied everything, the beach horsemen said one of their members, well known for his dubious reputation, came to collect money to allow them to work at the beach, between 100 and 200 peso per day.

“I was even hit when I refused to pay. One day I said to him, “Why whould I pay you? And punched me in the face.”

“He was a person who also had horses, and he was collecting money from us to let us work here at the beach. I think he is no longer around. We have not seen him since he left and we are not longer paying,” said a person who rents horses.

Apparently, the charges were only for the horse renters, as other vendors at the beach said they have not been victims.

“Nobody has demanded money from me to let me work, nor has anybody from the government, but I have heard that others are being charged. The truth is I don’t know why some are charged and others not, but hopefully this will all end,” said a craftwork vendor.