Irregularities continue in Puerto Nuevo and tourist areas

Translated by Fulano from an article in Ecod de Rosarito.

Despite the low temperatures and light showers last weekend, the restaurant area of Puerto Nuevo looked great with diners, even some lined up to taste the legendary and international Puerto Nuevo style lobster. For that reason it is said it is necessary to reinforce the good image of this iconic place and strictly apply the laws.

After the authorities said that they would carry out surveillance tours and that they would regulate the area to prevent hawkers and the indiscriminate sale of alcohol, the irregularities continue.

During a tour conducted by Ecos de Rosarito, on the afternoon of Saturday, March 10, it could be seen that the parking spaces have not yet been freed-up by hawkers, since they were “reserved” with plastic boxes or any other object they have.

Rubble and debris were also observed on a sidewalk, which prevented pedestrians from walking by. This is compounded by the lack of space on the sidewalks due to vendors’ products and the constant flow of vehicles.

The very same employees from different locations monopolize the parking lots putting their source of employment at risk, said Rosario Castillo, the president of the Restaurants and Bars Association, who urgently suggested the regularization of parking before the Easter holiday season.

Added to this there continues the sale of jars with obscene figures, where alcoholic beverages are sold, which discredits the international image that Puerto Nuevo has as a place for families. And if that were not enough, some “hawkers” with the objective capturing customers post pictures of aphrodisiac dishes and drinks.

There is no point in closing and notfying businesses that offer irregular sale of alcohol unless they are also properly fined, complained restaurant leader, Rosario Castillo.

He also made a call to stop the parking of vehicles on the walkways on calle Nogal street, in the downtown area, the street that was part of a project designed for public recreation by the installation of sidewalks and palm trees, however, every weekend It looks like a private parking lot.

Rosario Castillo also said that the authorities have done little to regulate the increase of beggars that present a bad image in the tourist area. Some even risk their lives in the middle of the road such as on Popotla Blvd artisan area where they beg for money, and child exploitation continues. It is common for children under ten to wander through streets and businesses selling various products and candies.